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David Wilcock: Ascension Prophecies

David Wilclock's Ascension Prophecies weekly series began airing on 2/9/19. Episode 2 is shown below. David explains the historic shift we are going through now which was predicted in many ancient prophecies and which will culminate with the Solar Flash expected in 2028-2028. David discusses this shift as part of the East Indian Yugas Cycle as we go from Kali Yuga (Dark Age/Material Age) to Dwapara Yuga (Energy Age). David mentions Satya Yuga which is the culmination of this cycle and is a Golden Age.

In the West, this is known as the shift from the Age of Pisces where people gave their power away to various authorities (government/medical/religious/media) to the Age of Aquarius when people take their power and responsibility back.We are witnessing the return of the Truth. It is a return to the principles of Ma'at, Goddess of Truth, that kept ancient Egypt powerful and enlightened for 4,000 years.

Awaken_David Wilcock Ascension Prophecie
Awaken_David Wilcock Ascension Prophecie

This shift is also from the corrupt Third Dimension to the cleansing of the Fourth Dimension and into the Fifth Dimension when we will have access to Full Disclosure, healing medical technologies, a restored environment, good food and clean water for everyone on Earth, and the Free Energy that Nikola Tesla tried to give us 100 years ago.

The film Above Majestic shows that the Earth Alliance asked the US military to get Trump to run for the presidency because he supports Full Disclosure. Trump's arrests of a record number of pedophiles in his first year in office was part of his promise to "drain the swamp". The 73,000 Sealed Indictments and Military Tribunals are part of the cleaning of the Fourth Dimension.


See Trump's Amazing Role.

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