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Blacks Revered Throughout Europe For Centuries!

Prince Harry married Meghan Markle, a Black American actress in 2018. She is described as "mixed-race", but if she had been the US South in the 1950s, she would have been in the same position on a bus as Rosa Parks -- especially if she had worn her hair natural as she has earlier! Meghan doesn't want to be seen as "Black" because that is now considered shameful -- but it was not always the case at all! In fact, until the 1800s being Black and having Black ancestors was a great point of pride in many royal European families -- as the book below shows. The Black Madonna is still the most revered religious symbol across Europe -- as shown further below.

The press was unusually honest in admitting that there has not been a "mixed-race" person in the British royal family for a long time -- but it failed to mention who or when! Queen Charlotte of Britain is on the cover of the book Nature Knows No Color Line by J. A. Rogers. She was the wife of King George III from whom the young US declared independence in 1776. She was the grandmother of Queen Victoria. That means that Meghan Markle is marrying into a "mixed race" family!


While some historians try to say that Queen Charlotte was not "really" Black, the "litmus test" is that the painting of her reveals that she would also have been in the same position on the bus in the US south as Rosa Parks! The book shows the extensive Black backgrounds of families across Europe. It explains that many European last names point to an African heritage. The book explains that the family crests of many of the European nobility proudly display Africans as part of their heritage. Clearly, there really is just one human family.



Black Madonna and Child


The most revered religious figure across Europe from Russia to France is still the Black Madonna. The 1998 article Black Madonnas in Various Countries says: "Black Madonnas: Still Black and Still Venerated. Many images of the Black Madonna still exist today. Ean Begg reports the existence at one time or another of 450, mostly in Europe, and Marie Durand-LeFebvre reported on 272, mostly in France. Following are listed those images of the Black Madonna which according to reports still exist, are still black and can still be seen."

However, Michaelangelo was commissioned during the Renaissance to paint the
Sistine Chapel showing the holy figures as European for the first time. He reportedly used his family members as models. Leonardo da Vincini was commissioned to whitewash his famous depiction of the Last Supper in the same way.

The 1999 book
The African Unconscious: Roots of Ancient Mysticism and Modern Psychology says about the Black Madonna: "Numerous shrines throughout this century have been erected to her, most notably the Black Madonnas of Montserrat in Catalan Spain, Czestochowa in Poland, and Guadalupe in Mexico. These Black mother figures are spiritually embedded in the deeper regions of the shared unconscous. They are all derived from the cult of Isis of ancient Egypt, and were taken from that migration of civilization up into Europe and Greece.

The city of Paris is named for her, that is, the par, or temple, of Isis.

Origin of Racism/White Supremacy in 1800's: Guilt and Shame

The early Europeans were not racists or white supremacists. In fact, the 2013 book Birth of a White Nation: The Invention of White People and Its Relevance Today by Jacqueline Battalora shows that the concept of the "white" race invented in 1681 in the US South for political and financial reasons! It has no genetic basis! Some of the early Popes were African as were the Emperors of Europe. In fact, the first president of the US before the signing of the US Constitution was Black American! Europeans did not develop the level of racism that has been common in the last 2oo years until the 1800s.

Their consciences were so horrified at the genocides and theft of continents they had committed in the Americas and Africa and the brutal system of slavery they had imposed that they had to dehumanize their victims to be able to live with themselves. After all, they had reduced to the most barbaric slavery system ever devised the very peoples who had civilized Europe in 711AD with the arrival of the Moors and the peoples who had been the teachers of the ancient Greeks.

Their sense of overwhelming guilt and shame did not lead them to stop and correct the horrors they had imposed around the world, but compound those abuses with denial, lies that further victimized other peoples. That allowed Europeans to feel morally, intellectually, and culturally superior to everyone. They invented the idea of "white supremacy" to justify their "right" to do whatever they wanted to others. Thus, they compounded their guilt and shame for another 200 years!

It is time now to end that colonial mindset and white supremacy that has compounded unimaginable and unspeakable crimes for 200 years now.  Telling the historical truth will free the victimizers as much as the victims. It is dehumanizing to dehumanize the rest of the world. The truth shall set you free.

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