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Channeling The Law of One

The law of One was channeled in the 1980s by Ra-Tear-Eir, the Blue Avian with whom Corey Goode has been meeting.
The material was channeled to Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert who published the information in five books that can be purchased separately or as
the series. The second part of David Wilcock's third NYT best-selling book, The Ascension Mysteries, published in 2017, provides a Law of One-validating cosmic history of our solar system. David has been a very deep student of the Law of One for many years and even stayed with Carla Rueckert for an extended period of time.

In Season 6: Episode 9, Corey reported that the SSP Alliance asked Ra-Tear-Eir: “Are you the Ra from The Law of One?” His answer was, “I am Ra-Tear-Eir”. David said that the answer to every question in The Law of One begins with, “I am Ra.”

In Season 7: Episode 4, Corey said the Blue Avians warned that The Law of One is not meant to be a Bible, but a guide and also to help us expand our consciousness which is their overall goal. They said too many people turned it into a religion. Corey said that the mission of the Blue Avians is to raise our consciousness.

An interview with The Law of One channelers Don Elkins and Carla Rueckert is shown in the YouTube video Secrets of the UFO - Don Elkins & Carla Rueckert - Atlanta, 1978 (Pt 1/5). Carla explained that when she was in college in 1962, Don Elkins was a professor. Don asked selected students if they would like to try an experiment to collect the same type of information that had been channeled around the world. The experiment was incredibly successful although the students did not know anything about the previous data. It intrigued Carla so much that she kept up with Don’s work and went to work with him full-time in 1972. Don said that he had been involved in this work for 25 years.

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