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Tall Whites -- Charles Hall

In his five Millennial Hospitality books, Airman Charles Hall describes encounters with ETs he calls the "Tall Whites" while he was working at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada in the 1960s. The series is very fascinating and believable because of Hall's scientific background. He has a BS in Thermal Physics and a Masters in Nuclear Physics. The Tall Whites live almost 700 years and get taller as they age. They are 5-6ft tall when they are younger, but can get as tall as 10ft as they age.


David Wilcock pointed out that some of his “insiders” refer to the Anshar of Inner Earth with whom Corey Goode has met as “Tall Whites”.  However, Corey said in Season 10: Episode 13 that they are not the same as the Tall Whites described by Hall. These Tall Whites don't affect us much although they meet with Congress and other officials. They seem to be using Earth as a stop-over base. 


The video The Tall White Alien Civilization Is Walking Among Us is a very entertaining and amusing interview with Charles in which he explains his shocking experiences. Hall doesn't mention in the video (as he does in his books) that he was selected as the only person for the job because encounters with the Tall Whites had driven all the other people assigned to the base before him insane! Since no one was given a briefing, their encounters with the ETs blew their minds! Hall was remarkable because he found a way to deal with the situation and even made friends with the Tall Whites and their kids! Hall also saved the lives of two of the Tall Whites!

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