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Dr. Muata Ashby

Dr. Muata Ashby is the author of over 50 books and numerous DVDs on ancient Egyptian culture. Dr. Ashby's website is Egyptian Yoga. He has a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Religion and a Doctor of Divinity in Holistic Health from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. He leads a trip to Egypt each year and is an avid practitioner and teacher of Egyptian yoga which predated Indian yoga by thousands of years. Dr. Ashby is a lecturer, musician, artist, poet, screenwriter, and playwright.

Michael Tellinger, author of Ubuntu Contributionism  introduced the idea of Ubuntu to the Cosmic Disclosure show in Season 3: Episodes 5 and 9. Corey Goode said that the Secret Space Program is very enthusiastic about the adoption of Ubuntu, a philosophy of cooperation rather than competition, as a way to heal the world now. However, without an understanding of the cultural and philosophical context out of which Ubuntu grew and operates, Ubuntu is not likely to succeed in the Western world. Dr. Ashby's book Ancient Egyptian Economics puts the concept of Ubuntu in context and explains how the West went wrong in abandoning The Principles of Ma'at.

The middle lecture below discusses Ubuntu and Maat Philosophy.  Dr. Ashby's Introduction to Maat Philosophy -- both the book and DVD shown below -- are incredibly informative and beautiful.


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