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First Anniversary Recap: 2016

In Season 5: Episode 9 on June 30, 2016, David Wilcock aired the Anniversary Special 

It is a recap of the main topics discussed with Corey Goode during the previous year, as shown below.


In January 2018, the First Anniversary Recap video was posted on the Sphere Being Alliance website!

Click the link above or the graphic below to watch the show.

Clips are shown of Corey’s and David’s discussions of:

  1. The Lunar Operations Command (LOC)

  2. The Super Federation

  3. Moon Bases

  4. Mars Bases

  5. Solar Warden

  6. International Corporate Conglomerate (ICC)

  7. The Dark Fleet

  8. The Galactic Global League of Nations

  9. The Secret Space Program (SSP) Alliance

  10. Earth Alliance

  11. The Draco Alliance

  12. The Sphere Being Alliance

  13. Life After Disclosure

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