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Pre-Adamites in Antarctica

In Season 7: Episode 8, Corey Goode explained that the pre-Adamites once inhabited Super Earth and Mars After catastrophes that resulted from their wars, they went to the Moon. When they were attacked, they were chased off the Moon, their craft were too damaged to make it to another Solar System. Since they had to crash land on Earth, they decided to go to Antarctica which still had Ancient Builder Race technology that is 1.8 billion years old!!!

The pre-Adamites brought three extremely large mother ships to Earth. One is a circular mothership 30 miles wide. Corey said that so far, only the part that is about the size of an ocean liner has been exposed. The pre-Adamites were 12- to 14-feet tall with elongated skulls. They were very thin – like Akhenaten and Nefertiti. The men had flabby chests. Their skin color was hard to tell because they had been in a huge cataclysm and were under the ice. Biologists who did post-mortems said they had obviously developed elsewhere. 

The pre-Adamites were not good guys but had kept the Reptilians in check while they were on the Earth. They had a treaty after cataclysms on Earth. The Reptilians were in control Antarctica and the pre-Adamites had no access to their libraries or technologies. The people who survived were mostly the hybrids of the pre-Adamites and humans because the pre-Adamites could not operate in our environment.

There were different pre-Adamite royal bloodlines in South America and Central America, Asia, and Europe.  After the Atlantean catastrophe, these groups could no longer communicate with each other. The pre-Adamites ran South and Central America and mixed with some of the indigenous peoples there. David Wilcock pointed out that the Book of Enoch – which was left out of the Bible, but to which Jesus refers – describes the pre-Adamites as the Fallen Angels.

The most amazing thing is that there are a number of beings on the craft in stasis!! Corey explained in Season 1: Episode 6 that the Ancient Builder Race technology allowed the Pre-Adamites to lie down on a stone bed that would create a time bubble around them so time on the inside would occur at a slower rate than time on the outside. They took something that made them go to sleep. So, they would feel like they had slept 20 minutes when 30,000 years had passed! Corey said that the Ancient Builder Race technology is so far beyond that of the Fourth and Fifth Density ETs in the conferences Corey  attended that they want to get their hands on it. Some if it is multi-dimensional technology. Some of the technology looks like a slab, but operates on other dimensions. It took the Secret Space Program some time to figure out that it was technology.  It is basically magic.


The pre-Adamites put themselves in stasis before the cataclysm 12,800 years ago. They have not been awakened yet. The decision has not been made on what to do about awakening them. The human bodies look like they were royal because their tunics have gold threads. Before revealing the findings to the public in Partial Disclosure, the cabal is removing any bodies that don’t look human.

See the major pre-Adamite discoveries in Antarctica!


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