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Super Federation

The information below was compiled from the Disclosure Wikia site which references information from Corey Goode.

Corey revealed the end of the Super Federation on the Cosmic Disclosure show in Season 10: Episode 2 on 2/27/18.

See the transcript of the show on Corey's Sphere Being Alliance site: Cosmic Disclosure: End of the Super Federation.

Grand Experiment Ended in 2017

The war between Mars and Super Earth 500,000 years ago destroyed the defense grid that the Ancient Builder Race had created to protect our Local Star Cluster (53 solar systems). When the defense grid went down, 40-60 genetic farmer races infiltrated our solar system to conduct experiments. They harvested genetics from all across the galaxy and spliced it into hominids on Earth to create Homo Sapiens Sapiens. This is their Grand Experiment – 22 genetic and/or spiritual experiments.

The Super Federation is made up of 60 ET federations who manage the Grand Experiment. When the genetic farmer races first came into the uncontested region, they settled on a treaty which is to be abided by until the Grand Experiment is completed and humanity ascends to Fourth Density.

The goal of the Grand Experiment is to get humanity to a point of self-management. Interstellar travel was the first step. Humanity is on a timetable. Our gradual, assisted evolution is designed to complement the higher-density energy that is entering our solar system as it moves into the Local Interstellar Cloud. The genetic modification will dramatically accelerate the development of our co-creative abilities as we transition into Fourth Density. The endgame of the Grand Experiment is for humans to join the ETs in the Confederation of Planets.


For the first time in our history, humanity has been given a seat on the Super Federation Council  with the Ambassadors from the other 52 Solar Systems in our Local Star Cluster. Corey Goode is serving as Ambassador for Earth. There are many opportunities for trade, but we will be excluded until we evolve into a galactic civilization.

Super Federation Meeting Facility

The Super Federation meets at a conference center between the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn. The Federation is governed by the Council of Saturn which controls affairs within our local star cluster. Each delegate represents several to thousands of star systems. The delegates include Nordics, Insectoids, Tall Greys, Ebens, Shining Ones, Pre-Adamites, Tall Whites, Oranges, Aquatics, and humans. Human delegates were first included in the 1980’s. The Earth delegate is on a rotation among the Secret Earth Government Syndicates. See the Super Federation ETs.

The Nordics have a clerical role in the Federation. The Insectoids are the genetic masters of our local cluster and are involved in several genetic programs. The Asian-looking group has a frosty relationship with the Insectoids. The Draco Federation Alliance has Ant beings or human-like reptilian representatives who attend the meetings. There is a seat reserved for the Sphere Being Alliance delegate (Ra-Tear-Eir). The SSP Alliance assigns Corey as the Intuitive Empath  support for him.

On December 16, 2017, Ra-Tear-Eir had Corey announce that the Council of Saturn had ended the 22 genetic experiments. The Super Federation Council was replaced by a new Super Federation Council governed by the Guardians and the 53 Sphere Being Alliance delegates who will help humanity guide its own genetic and spiritual development.


 The Guardians have created an energy structure in our solar system that makes it impossible for the Draco Reptilians (with whom the Nazis and cabal have been collaborating to control Earth since the 1940s) to exist in our space for the next 1,000 years! Gonzales pointed out that this echoes a Biblical prophecy!

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