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Peter Gandy

Peter Gandy is a British author who focuses on mysticism, particularly the mystery religions. He holds an M.A. in classical civilization and is known mainly for his books co-authored with Timothy Freke which argue that Jesus is a purely mythical construct.

Gandy is the author of  Wisdom of the Pagan Philosophers (1999).

Books by Peter Gandy and Timothy Freke:

Amazon Description for The Gospel of the Second Coming:

In 2005, a disgruntled archivist at the Vatican Library made contact with revisionist historians Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy,  claiming that the Vatican was secretly housing a number of unpublished 'heretical' Gnostic Christian texts. He presented Freke and Gandy with a facsimile copy of an ancient manuscript, which is presented to the public for the first time in this book. This gospel will shock academics and Christians alike. It makes the extraordinary claim that the long-awaited 'Second Coming of Christ' has already happened; and it also explores the intimate relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus, his 'Beloved Disciple'.... it reveals Jesus as a Gnostic master with a zany sense of humour and an upbeat message.

In 2012, Gandy gave a reading of The Hermetica: The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs at the Eternal Knowledge Festival in The video of the reading is shown below, but it is linked to on the page Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs.


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