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Ra-Tear-Eir: Blue Avian

The Blue Avians are one of the five races in the Sphere Being Alliance.


Ra-Tear-Eir is a Blue Avian who first started appearing to Corey Goode in his dreams in 2015 and then visited him in person in his living room! Corey said he has met a lot of ETs since he was 5 years old, but he never expected to meet an 8ft blue bird that talks! Corey sometimes refers to Ra-Tear-Eir by his full name and sometimes by his given "Tear-Eir". His family name is "Ra". As with Asians, the family name is given first. Corey has also met Ra-Rain-Eir and Ra-Mare-Eir.


Corey said the Blue Avians told the Secret Space Program Alliance that they wanted Corey to be their liaison to their group and other groups. The Blue Avians had been in contact with someone whom Corey calls “Lt. Col. Gonzales”. They had both been in contact with the Blue Avians for a little over four years, but didn’t know each other. The Blue Avians either appear in Corey’s house or have one of the Blue Spheres pick him up. The Blue Avians asked "Gonzales" to tell the Secret Space Program Alliance that they wanted Corey to be their liaison. Corey had not been part of that world for a while. However, the Alliance really wanted one of their own guys to be a delegate to this new group. They wanted someone they had full control over.

Tear-Eir introduced Corey to Ambassador Micca of the Olmecs who are here to help humanity now through this transition.

Tear-Eir refers to Corey as "Ra-Hanush-Ir" which indicates that Corey has been selected as the Ambassador for Earth.

The Blue Avians evolved on Venus about 2.5 billion years ago where they ascended from Third to Fourth Density. They are now Sixth Density. They cannot rise higher until human beings on Earth ascend to Fourth Density as we are doing now. This is because the Blue Avians made a mistake in helping the Egyptian civilization build pyramids because that knowledge was stolen and used against humanity by the Illuminati.


Ra was the Egyptian sun god "Ra". Ra channeled The Law of One in the 1980s. The Blue Avians were the Ancient Builder Race which protected our Local Star Cluster and left amazing technology throughout the 52 other solar systems before they disappeared 500,000 years ago. At the December 2017 Super Federation Meeting, Ra-Tear-Eir announced that the Blue Avians will be leaving our frequency now. The new Guardians -- who are also in the Sphere Being Alliance -- are now here to help humanity through the Solar Flash which is expected between 2027-2028.


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