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Crop Circles: Soft Disclosure

The 2018 film Above Majestic: The Implications of the Secret Space Program discusses a crop circle formation that appeared in the desert in Oregon in 1990 shown below on the left. It was over 1,000 feet across. There were no tire tracks or footprints. David Wilcock points out that this mandala is a symbol of the Cosmic Mind.


It is also the East Indian symbol for the Fourth Chakra -- the heart chakra -- which also represents the Star Tetrahedon, the symbol from which the entire universe is constructed. The Star of David, the symbol adopted by Judaism, is the 2-dimensional version of this symbol. This is the most important symbol in Sacred Geometry. My article Why Sacred Geometry Matters So Much! published in July on the Natural Blaze site was #2 on the Popular Posts list for 17 days! That shows a growing interest in this topic for which few people had any interest until now. That is another sign of the growing paradigm shift.

David Wilcock pointed out the similarity of this massive formation to the huge crop circles that have been appearing in England and around the world for the last 30 years. These massive, intricate, beautiful flawless designs appear in just minutes. The huge complex crop cricle shown on the right below appeared on a rainy morning. Some crop circles have provided new scientific and mathematical solutions. They are clearly a form of high-level communication -- an early form of subtle Disclosure.

Crop Circle_Mandala.png
Crop Circle.png

Annual Crop Circle Conference


The video 10 Amazing Crop Circles That Have Left Authorities Stunned shows how awesome this phenomenon is.

However, these beautiful, awe-inspiring formations were ignored and/or ridiculed by the corporate media and most of the public since they began appearing in the 1980s. That was because their creation could not be explained by conventional means, within our paradigm. So, they challenged us to realize that there was more to our reality than our worldview included. They are a window into another level of understanding and a wake-up call for a sleeping world. They were like post cards from our nearby and far-away relatives whose existence we did not want to acknowledge. Now, we are finally entering the 21st century when the paradigm is shifting!


Fortunately, a crop circle conference has been held each year in England for decades. The Temporary Temples conference discusses the crop circles that appeared  the year before and what there is to learn from them. The Temporary Temples archive shows crop circles that appeared each year since 1994.

Crop Circle_Video.png
Crop Circle_Website.png
Crop Circle_Archives 2015.png

How Crop Circles Are Created


There are many great books on crop circles. Amazon says about the beautiful book by British author Freddy Silva Secrets In The Fields: The Science And Mysticism Of Crop Circles: "For over fifteen centuries the mysterious crop circles have been mentioned in academic and religious texts. In the 1890s, farmers and military personnel witnessed them being created in seconds by tubes of light and other luminosities. But around 1980, the phenomenon went into overdrive and exploded worldwide with some 10,000 reports spread over 29 countries....This book by veteran researcher and international best-selling author Freddy Silva is the most comprehensive account of the mystery ever published, much of it from personal and hands-on experience. To this day Secrets In The Fields is regarded as the go-to book on the subject, and remains the most critically-acclaimed work ever compiled."


The video Balls of Light Forming Crop Circles shows crop circles being formed. The video says: "Dr. Haselhoff offers scientific proof that at least some crop circles are indeed formed by balls of light/UFO'S. His research and evidence was even accepted after peer review for the internationally-recognized scientific journal Physiologia Plantarum".  

Note: These Balls of Light are very similar to the Sphere Beings with whom Corey Goode had extensive encounters which he described in the Cosmic Disclosure shows for three years. 

Crop Circle_Book.png
Crop Circle_Video_2.png


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