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Unacknowledged: An Expose of the World's Greatest Secret is available on Amazon as a DVD and for vieiwing on Amazon Prime, The film is a Call To Action for every intelligent person on Planet Earth now!  It explains that humanity is now at a crossroads -- again.  The film shows that we lost 100 years of evolution in the 20th century because of the suppression of Nikola Tesla's Free Energy. Now, the world has the biggest opportunity scientifically, technologically, economically, and politically in the history of the human race. The film says that it is now time for the people to end the secrecy and initiate Full Disclosure.


As the Shift of the Ages and the Great Awakening accelerate, Full Disclosure becomes increasingly likely. That's especially true since the 2018 film Above Majestic says that the Earth Alliance asked the US military to get Donald Trump to run for the presidency because he supports Full Disclosure. So, the more people who can begin to learn about this reality now, the easier the transition will be later. Once contact is officially announced, there will be an avalanche of information. We are now gradually moving from a planetary civilization to an inter-planetary civilization. This is a MAJOR upgrade in consciousness! By the way -- indigenous cultures around the world have NO problem with the "Star People"!

See Trump's Amazing Role.


The film stars Dr. Steven Greer who  launched The Disclosure Project on May 9, 2001 at the National Pess Club in Washington, DC. Dr. Greer was joined by 21 ex-employees of CIA, Military, Intelligence services, Air Force and Army who said they were ready to testify under oath before Congress about their direct experiences with either UFOs or other forms of extraterrestrial intelligence during their service. The conference was streamed on the internet and was the most-watched event in the history of the National Press Club. However, the corporate media did not cover this conference although all witnesses provided documentation to prove their identity. The conference was quickly forgotten after the 9/11 "attacks" a few months later.

Several of the witnesses have been among the guests on the Cosmic Disclosure show.


Note: The most important thing each person can do now is to share this information and to raise their own consciousness.
This site provides a number of ways to do that on many pages in the Guests and New Earth! sections, and in the Blogs.



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