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Golden Era: Shift of the Ages!

The October 2018 videos World November Financial Crash and World Financial Reset predicted an economic reset in the fall of 2018 designed to bring a global Golden Era. It forecast that in October-December, powerful leaders at the highest levels of power in America would fall and great evil will be uncovered. It shows that Obama will be charged with treason and will go to prison. 


These predictions are consistent with the over 55,000 Sealed Indictments by August and the Military Tribunals expected to happen after the mid-term elections. Trump reportedly plans to send people who are convicted to Guantanamo for life! The Cosmic Disclosure show has been reporting on this information since the fall of 2017. David Wilcock provides frequent updates on this situation his Divine Cosmos site shown below.

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Global Power Shift


The videos explain that this shift in power is about more than America because a global cabal is being exposed. That is also consistent with Trump's historic speech at the United Nations on September 25 in which he re-affirmed America's national sovereignty and declared his opposition to globalization!

This information is consistent with information from two sources in 2018:

  1. Jerome Corsi is the author of the 2018 book Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump which is an Amazon #1 best-seller. In the video Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to Face Military Tribunals for Treason, Corsi explains that he was approached by three generals when Obama was president who wanted to stage a coup because Obama was committing treason on such a massive scale that it endangered the US. However, they were very reluctant to do that because their belief in the rule of law is so deep. They changed their minds when they were able to convince Trump to run for the presidency and save America from the globalists and Deep State.

  2. In the film Above Majestic: The Implications of the Secret Space Program, Corey Goode of the Secret Space Program explains the same set of events that Corsi reported. However, Corey explains that it was the "Earth Alliance" (an international group fighting the cabal) who approached the generals with the idea of a coup. Corey said that the generals made one last-ditch attempt to get rid of the cabal legally and that's when they asked Trump to run for the presidency. Corey said the generals' goal was "to legally get the country back". David explains in the film that the Alliance now consists of a majority in the personnel in the US military and US intelligence community.


The videos advise people to stock up on supplies because there could be a period of disruption. The Cosmic Disclosure show has been making the same predictions and recommendations since 2017.

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