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War on Consciousness

Evolver sponsored a one-day webinar with author Graham Hancock after his TEDx Talk called "The War on Consciousness" was suddenly cancelled on the charge of being "pseudo-science".

Evolver says:

"Recently Graham Hancock discovered that his TEDx Whitechapel presentation, "The War on Consciousness," was censored by the TED leadership -- removed from the TED YouTube page and criticized for reasons which TED later admitted to be unfounded. An outraged grassroots campaign led to TED reposting the video, though on an obscure blog page rather than on their popular YouTube site.


Clearly Graham's provocative talk about visionary plants and consciousness struck a nerve. Was it his frank discussion of the Amazonian brew ayahuasca? Or his consideration of a spiritual world view that challenges core assumptions of the materialist paradigm? Before its removal from YouTube, the video had received 130,000 views. What is it about Graham Hancock's message that so many find inspiring, but TED felt it must distance itself from?


Here is a video of the talk the TED took down, which was posted on Reality Sandwich".

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