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Kogi: Elder Brothers' Warning

The Kogi, descendants of the ancient Tairona civilization live in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains of northern Colombia. The Tairona were an advanced civilization that built many stone structures and pathways in the jungles. The Kogi are the only civilization that survived the Spanish conquests. They kept apart and sustain their culture inviolate.


The Kogi call the West "Younger Brother" and themselves "Elder Brother". They believe the West is destroying the world. The Kogi believe that their work as Elder Brothers is instrumental in helping to prolong and protect life on earth. In a desperate attempt to prevent further ecological catastrophe and destruction, the Kogi allowed a BBC film crew into their civilization to hear their warning which became the documentary The Heart of The World: Elder Brother's Warning in 1990.

The Kogi soon realized their message and warning had not been heeded by Younger Brother. Instead as predicted, many catastrophes occurred and the natural world continued to be devastated at an even more rapid pace. They contacted BBC to give one final message. This became Aluna, a documentary made by the Kogi in which they shared secret sciences with Younger Brother to give a second warning. The video below says that the life expectancy for the Kogi is 90 years! For more information, see Tairona Trust site.

Click the graphic below to watch the Kogi's first film. See further below to watch their newest film -- an even more urgent warning to change our ways if life is to survive on Planet Earth!

The Kogi's 1990 film had a stunning global impact and is probably the most celebrated film ever made about a tribal people. It has been shown in many countries. However, the world has not changed much! Click the graphic below to see the trailer for their 2012 film Aluna.

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