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Kevin Annett's Documentary 

The documentary Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada’s Genocide reveals Canada’s “dirty secret” – the planned genocide of aboriginal people in church-run Indian Residential Schools and the theft of their land under the guise of religion.
never-before-told story is seen through the eyes of Rev. Kevin Annett who blew the whistle on his church after he learned of thousands of murders in its schools.

First-hand testimonies from residential school survivors are interwoven with Kevin Annett’s own story of how he faced firing, de-frocking, as well as the loss of his family, reputation, and livelihood as a result of his efforts to help survivors bring out the truth of the residential schools.

The film is based on Annett’s book Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust. The documentary was a self-funded, grassroots effort. Annett continues this David and Goliath struggle to hold the government and churches of Canada accountable for crimes against humanity, and the continued theft of aboriginal land.

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