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Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder (1916-1997) was a Cherokee visionary, healer, teacher, and activist. In the 90-minute Thinking Allowed DVD interview, Rolling Thunder explains that the Indian way is a life in harmony with nature and contrasts that with mankind as dominator over nature. He describes the powers of traditional Native peoples that emerge from an attunement with nature.

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Eyewitness accounts of Rolling Thunder's remarkable healings are legion, as are those of his ability to call forth the forces of nature. These include the ability to communicate with plants and animals, telepathic interactions, and the ability to call the rain. Rolling Thunders describes his journeys to the worlds of spirits and his role as a healer using shamanistic methods.

Rolling Thunder was in San Francisco to perform rain ceremonies to help end a drought. Two evenings before the interview, he performed a lightning dance. That night, the region was surprised by thunder and lightning storms for several hours -- an event which occurs rarely in the San Francisco area.

The following three books document Rolling Thunder's amazing life:

Rolling Thunder Speaks: A Message for Turtle Island

The Voice of ​Rolling Thunder: A Medicine Man's Wisdom for Walking the Red ​Road​​

Rolling Thunder: A Personal Exploration into the Secret Healing Powers of an American Indian Medicine Man​​

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