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Holistic Cosmology

Native American cultures see themselves as living in the Garden of Eden and believe that 
it is their responsibility to be its caretakers. They see it as their responsibility to give thanks for the gifts of Mother Earth. They understand that they are part of nature and connected to everyone and everything.

Indigenous cultures don't see themselves as expelled from the Garden of Eden.  So, they don't have the concept of "original sin", that woman caused the fall of humanity by eating from the Tree of Knowledge, or that knowledge was forbidden by God. So, the indigenous cultures don't feel exiled, or alienated from nature.

As the biologists who travelled to the Amazon with ethnobotanist Jeremy Narby learned, shamanic cultures access important levels of reality unknown to the Western science but which are accessible to Westerners through "plant teachers" and are rich in information.


This sophisticated understanding of reality is reflected in the verb-based Native American languages which physicists and linguists discovered better express the concepts of quantum physics. This discovery is documented in th DVD The Language of Spirituality.


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