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Three-Step Reconciliation Process

Reconciliation is a healing for everyone and the world -- a model we can all live by!  The  most effectve Reconciliation includes the following 3 steps.

Reconciliation with ​Native America -- There is much to learn about the wonders of the pre-Columbian cultures, the tremendous contributions of the peoples of the Americas to the world, and the many gifs of Native America today. We must also be willing to acknowledge the tremendous loses these cultures have endured.

Reconciliation with ​Western Indigenous Roots -- When Europeans lost their indigenous worldview during the Inquisition, it threw Westerners out of harmony with themselves, other peoples, other species, and the Earth. Healing involves restoration of ancient wisdom which deepens our understanding of the Creator.

Reconciliation with Life -- The Western worldview is now threatening all life on Earth. When Reconciliation heals the West, we will live with the Earth in ways that reflect responsibility for the next 7 generations.

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