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Shift of the Ages

Many cultures tell us that we are now experiencing a Shift of the Ages that raises our consciousness. These shifts include the transition from the third dimensional Age of Pisces in which people gave their power away to "authorities" (governmental, medical, legal, religious, educational, media, etc.) to the fifth dimensional Age of Aquarius in which people are beginning to take their power back now (shift to alternative medicine, organic foods, internet news, yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices).

The shift from the Left Brain to the Right Brain was accelerated by the Venus Transits in 2004 and 2012. The first video below shows that the Transit of Venus is the Return of the Goddess Energy -- the shift to feminine, intuitive, Right Brain. The second video shows how incredible Venus is as it draws hearts in the sky to create a Rose, traces a Pentagram, and describes the Golden Mean as well as the Fibonnaci Series which is the pattern Nature uses to create all life!

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