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Change Agents

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The Awakening the Dreamer DVD calls on viewers to be committed to becoming Change Agents now. Episode 7 suggests 4 ways to stay active: Stay Awake, Get Educated, Get Connected, and Communicate. This website facilitates those goals. The DVD says we are like "imaginal cells" of the lowly earth-bound caterpillar that allow it to shape shift it into a beautiful butterfly.

This site provides information on the origin of the worldview that we need to change now to survive and thrive. It shows the many ways in which Native American cultures have inspired the world and are able to help us shape shift now into a higher realization of who we really are so that we begin to fulfill our potential.

This site shows several very simple, but powerful steps that we can each take to make a difference this year. Share this site with others to help fulfill the vision of a thriving world for all peoples and all species for the next seven generations.

With the steps recommended on this site, we can achieve the goals set by The Pachamama Alliance for a shift in consciousness by the end of 2014 sufficient to save Planet Earth. Be an Agent for Change!

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