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Doctrine of Discovery Conference

The International Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery Conference took place on April 19-20th, 2013 in Glendale, AZ. This two-day conference brought together academics, activists, artists, community members and youth from the Americas on the state of the Doctrine, its impacts on communities, and ways in which we might dismantle it to allow for decolonization. Click the graphics for TRC video and the Doctrine seminar paper.

Haudenosaunee attorney Tonya Gonnella Frichner discusses the impact today of the Doctrine of Discovery (or "Dominance") and how to resolve the trauma. She was the North American Regional Representative on the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and the author of the "Preliminary Study on the Doctrine of Discovery and Its Effects on Indigenous Peoples Globally".

The panel explained that the Doctrine of Discovery is an impediment for the West in its ability to adopt indigenous values which will give us a much more viable future. The panel also explained that a growing number of churches have rejected the Doctrine because they believe now that it is "corrosive of real Christianity". In the other videos below, Steve Newcomb provides further enlightening insights.

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