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Plantagon International

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The video linked to below discusses Plantagon International AB which was founded in 2008 by SWECORP Citizenship Stockholm AB and the Onondaga Nation. Chief Oren Lyons is Chairman of the Board and the representative of the primary owner, the Onondaga Nation.

Plantagon International is active in the urban agriculture sector and is a global leader in vertical farming. The concept is simple and appealing: fresh organic vegetables delivered daily directly to consumers. No middle hands, no yesterday's food. Plantagon's vertical greenhouse minimizes the need for energy, water, and pesticides. Since the products are delivered directly to consumers in the city, the transportation costs are minimized and the negative environmental impact of the greenhouses is very low.


Urban Vertical Agriculture is a concept which restores our common knowledge of a cyclic system of life. We cannot distance ourselves from the resources we need or the waste we produce.

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