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New Meaning: Reappraisal For Survival

Americans have been robbed of a rich and inspiring legacy that would have greatly enhanced our lives -- giving us profound meaning and guidance. Now, our survival depends on re-thinking what we have been taught.

Americans and the world has been led to believe that Native American cultures were/are "primitive", "savage", backwards, violent, warlike, worthless, of no value, irrelevant, and not worth knowing about. Only ignorance can sustain those myths. Knowledge of the wonders of Tenochtitlan, the Aztec Empire, the Haudenosaunee, the Lakota, and the many other Native cultures dispels this tragic misconception.

An understanding that Native American medicine has been more advanced than Western medicine for centuries, that the U.S. derived its sense of freedom and its Constitution from the Haudenosaunee, many of our foods and holistic medicines are gifts from Native America, etc. begins to show how deep our debt is to these very sophisticated cultures.

Linguists and physicists discovered that the verb-intensive Native American languages better express the concepts of quantum physics than the noun-heavy Western languages. In case after case, Americans need to look with fresh eyes on Native America. We can no longer do without this understanding. We must adopt the Native American value system and holistic worldview now to survive.

American Indian Cultural Heroes and Teaching Tales by Kurt Kaltreider is a good starting point in this reassessment -- as is the video below with Chief Oren Lyons.

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