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(Tecumseh: Shawnee (1768-1813

The amazing film Tecumseh: The Last Warrior is available from

Tecumseh was born in 1768, son of Chief Pukeshinwau. He became one of the most famous Native Americans as a warrior, and vibrant orator. He understood that whites would not rest until all Native Americans were in exile or killed. President Harrison said Tecumseh was “one of those uncommon geniuses which spring up occasionally to produce revolutions and overturn the established order of things.”

During the war of 1812, Tecumseh tried to create an
Indian Confederacy, an alliance of all Indian nations from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, and from the midwest to Florida. However it was not to be. At the Battle of the Thames River, Tecumseh died as he has foreseen in a vision.

Tecumseh made several amazing predictions. He said that when he went to Detroit, he would stomp and the earth would shudder. On 12/16/1811, when Tecumseh arrived at Detroit, a terrifying rumble covered an immense area. Tecumseh's prophecy was given many months in advance of the
New Madrid earthquake -- the most destructive tremor ever to strike North America, and was accurate down to the very day it occurred.

New Madrid quake is especially intriguing not only because of its unparalleled power, but also because it occurred in an area which is normally devoid of earthquakes. This quake was his signal to Indians to unite and drive whites off the continent. Tecumseh also accurately predicted the death of several American presidents.

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