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Conscious Evolution

In the video below, Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about our growing awareness that we are energy beings. This is a reflection of our shift from the Material Age or Dark Age (Kali Yuga) into the Age of Energy (Dwapara Yuga) of the Yugas Cycle. He explains that quantum physics has recognized that it is consciousness, thought, that creates the world, our reality.

Lipton explains that humanity is now going through an evolution of consciousness. In reality, it is the West catching up with the East and indigenous cultures which never lost the understanding that reality is based on consciousness, energy, spirit! He discusses the pivotal, transformative role of Cultural Creatives.

Lipton is the author of The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles. Books on "Conscious Evolution" by other authors are shown further below.

The following books on "Conscious Evolution" show that this is a pivotal time in human history when we must wake up to save life on Earth. Unfortunately, they do not discuss the importance of collaborating with Native America to create a more holistic worldview. Even worse, the misconception of tribal cultures as "violent" runs like a mantra through the book by Carter Phipps while it ignores the centuries of violence by the West.

This failure to reconize the need to become more human had led some Conscious Evolutionaries to conclude that our best future lies with transhumanism -- becoming part machines and going off-planet! This disregard for humanity and the Earth is reflected in the views of Stephen Hawking, one of the most revered Western scientists, who warns in the article linked to below that mankind must leave Earth to survive!

After trashing this planet, this approach advocates an escape without learning to live sustainably anywhere! Intolerable political and economic systems drove Europeans to escape Europe 500 years ago and trash the rest of the planet. Perhaps it is time now to stop and think before trashing another planet!

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