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Capitalism: Endless Growth in a Finite World

The goal of capitalism is endless (infinite) growth in a finite system (the Earth). This is obvioiusly an impossibilty. So, our economic system is a form of insanity that can work for a while but must ultimately fail. Since the West does not have the resources to sustain its level of consumption, it must co-opt the resources of other nations. This leads to endless wars for oil, minerals -- and now even water.

Capitalism has become a cancer on the Earth -- devouring its host. It trashes the Earth in the name of "development" and "progress". While it created the enviable American Dream, capitalism is a nightmare for other peoples and other species, now threatening all life on the planet. Built on genocide of the peoples of the Americas and enslavement of the peoples of Africa, the American Dream has always had its unacknowleded shadow side.

Our challenge now is to dream a sustainable dream -- a vision based on a new sense of who we are and why we are here. It requires a new/ancient wisdom and cosmic mythology. We need to remember our own indigenous past and learn from the ancient cultures who have lived well with Earth for thousands of years.


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