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Two Worldviews / Value Systems

​Reconciliation is ultimately about helping the West recover its ancient wisdom to save life on Earth now. Reconciliation with Native America can facilitate that healing and renewal.

Shamanic cultures are represented by the caduceus. Two snakes which represent masculine and feminine kundalini energy rising up our spine through each charka to marry in the crown chakra where we receive the freedom and empowerment of enlightment symbolized by the wings.

Western culture is represented by the dollar sign -- the caduceus missing the feminine energy. That has led to an alienation from our intuitive Right Brain, abuse women, destruction of shamanic cultures, loss of shamanic plant knowledge, abuse of animals, and a view of Mother Earth as "resources" to be exploited endlessly for "profit".

We must recover our minds, hearts, and souls if we are to survive.

Health is the ultimate wealth -- for individuals and cultures.

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