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Spencer Martin, the Native American healer who led the Reconciliation in Washington state talks about white Amercans in the January 2013 Moon magazine interview:

"...[their] ancestors back in Europe were once indigenous—and they were exterminated, just as we were exterminated. How much of the genocide that was inflicted on us was the result of the nature-worshiping religions of Europe being destroyed before us?

If Europeans couldn’t keep their indigenous ways, how were they going to allow us to keep ours? Without dealing with their own anger, they keep projecting it onto other people…. Most of the people who settled this country weren’t all that popular in the countries they left.…They were persecuted, abused, they weren’t treated with respect. Most of them don’t remember why they’re angry; they’re just angry.

The Methow people have anger on behalf of their ancestors who were pushed out of their lands after almost 40,000 years….In ceremony, in reconciliation, we give the ancestors a voice…..We become present to our connection with each other—and with the Earth. That is what healing is. ….I truly believe that it’s time to heal ourselves and try to heal this world."

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