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Organic vs. Genetically-Modified Food

The DVD Genetic Roulette shows the profound risks to our health and our food supply created by genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) used in genetically-modified foods. The film discusses a long-term French study released in 2012 which revealed that mice fed GMO foods had a 600% higher incidence of cancer!

In late 2012, California's Proposition 37 required mandatory labelling of GMO foods so people who don't want them could avoid them. Initially, it looked like the Proposition would win easily. However, after Monsanto (creator of GMO products) poured millions of dollars into a deceptive TV campaign, the Proposition lost. However, later when a recount revealed that the vote count may have been subject to fraud, the recount was abruptly stopped without explanation.

Unfortunately, in March 2013, Congress passed the "Monsanto Protection Act"! The site Millions Against Monsanto lists threats the company poses to public health. The best defense for now is to buy organic foods and eat at organic restaurants.

Unfortunately, in 2009, Obama appointed Michael Taylor to head the Food and Drug Administration. Taylor was Monsanto's chief attorney and lobbyist. The article The Return of Michael Taylor: Monsanto’s Man in the Obama Administration points out:


"Michael R. Taylor’s appointment by the Obama administration to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on July 7th sparked immediate debate and even outrage among many food and agriculture researchers, NGOs and activists. The Vice President for Public Policy at Monsanto Corp. from 1998 until 2001, Taylor exemplifies the revolving door between the food industry and the government agencies that regulate it. He is reviled for shaping and implementing the government’s favorable agricultural biotechnology policies during the Clinton administration."

The article Monsanto employees in the halls of government shows how the extent of the "revolving door" between Monsanto and government:

"How bad is the revolving door between Monsanto and government? This handy chart (from pretty much sums it up. Monsanto has been particularly talented at vacuuming up well connected ex-Congressmen, Senators and other government officials to go back and lobby the government, using their connections for the company’s benefit. And it also has been great at placing its own people into the agencies that are supposed to be regulating it. One of the worst examples isn’t even on the chart - Michael R Taylor."

From the Editorial Review of the Genetic Roulette DVD:

Never-Before-Seen-Evidence points to genetically engineered foods as a major contributor to rising disease rates in the US population, especially among children. Gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, inflammatory diseases, and infertility are just some of the problems implicated in humans, pets, livestock, and lab animals that eat genetically modified soybeans and corn.

Monsanto's strong arm tactics, the FDA's fraudulent policies, and how the USDA ignores a growing health emergency are also laid bare. This sometimes shocking film may change your diet, help you protect your family, and accelerate the consumer tipping point against genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Don't miss this film! 

Jeffrey Smith presents a concise, hard-hitting talk to more than 800 healthcare practitioners at Andrew Weil's Arizona Center for Integrated Medicine conference in 2011. The Politics of GMOsdescribes the unholy alliance between the US government and Monsanto, as well as some highlights of Monsanto's dark history.

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