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Restoration of Full Consciousness

Our survival now depends on restoration of full consciousness which depends on the recovery of our Right Brain in a culture that has been dominated for centuries by Left-Brain thinking.

Reconciliation with Native America and our indigenous past can help us wake up in time to save life on Earth. This recovery creates a healing balance with a new respect for the Feminine -- our intuition, shamanic cultures, other species, women, and Mother Earth. 

Our consciousness is shifting now for several reasons, including:

     1. Yugas Cycle

     2. Precession

​     3. Venus Transits

     4. Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs)

     5. Crop Circles

     6. Sacred Geometry

     7. Near Death Experiences (NDEs)

     8. Indigos, Crystal Kids, and Psychic Kids of China

So, this shift is inevitable over the long term -- if we survive!
The choices each of us makes now will determine our fate.

Tony Wright

The article and video interview below with Tony Wright help explain just how important our Right Brain is to our full humanity. Wright is the author of the 2008 book Left in the Dark.​

Article: Plant/Human Symbiosis & the Fall of Humanity: A Talk with Tony Wright.

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