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Reverend Kevin Annett 

Rev. Kevin Annett, a Canadian clergyman, has led the movement to prosecute atrocities
in Christian Indian residential schools for nearly 20 years. He was expelled in 1995 from the United Church of Canada for exposing murders in the church’s Indian schools.
As a result of Kevin’s efforts, the Canadian government was forced to issue a public “apology” and reparations program for Indian residential schools in 2008.


To indict church and government leaders for crimes against humanity, Rev. Annett helped establish the 5-nation International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)  in 2009. Kevin is now an award-winning film maker, author, social activist and public lecturer who works with victims of church violence and genocide all over the world.

Anishinabe elder Louis Daniels said, “Kevin Annett is doing what few of his people have done, and that is to speak about the crimes they committed against many of our nations and their children. He has earned a place forever in our hearts and history. He is a brave and prophetic man. I ask everyone to welcome him and heed his voice.” Daniels gave Annett the name of "Eagle Strong Voice" in 2007.

Noam Chomsky wrote in 2006, “Kevin Annett is more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than many of those who have received it.”

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