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Pachakuti: 500-Year Cycle

The Shamanic Odyssey: Homer, Tolkien, and the Visionary Experience by Robert Tindall says that the Inca mark 500-year cycles called "pachakuti". An Inca prophecy foresaw that during the 9th pachakuti from 1492-1992, the Eagle peoples would dominate the Condor peoples.  

Tindall points out:

"This coincided with the arrival of the Europeans, with their extractive economy and industries, leading to the exploitation, depopulation, and even genocidal eradication of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. The reign of the Eagle peoples was foretold to nearly bring about the extinction of the Condor peoples."

"The prophecy continues with the claim that the tenth pachakuti, from the end of the twentieth century, would be a time for the peoples of the Condor and the Eagle to fly and mate together in a creative symbiosis to restore and regenerate the Earth commuity".

"One marker of this opening of the tenth pachakuti is the emerging unification of indigenous peoples and traditions, North and South, as well as the 'indigenizing' of Westerners previously without a native consciousness of connection to the Earth and its larger, nonhuman community."

"This way of ceremonial re-membering, with its messianic promise of the resurgence of native consciousness, enduring for centuries under the baleful, coercive glare of the European invaders and their predecessors, is not simply a herioic expression of a profound cosmology capable of encompassing a foreign belief system. It reminds us that the prophecy of the Eagle and Condor did not materialize out of thin air -- it is a gift to us of hundreds of years of native resistance and tenacious remembering."

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