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Native American Gifts to the World

Native American cultures are rich and ancient. The Methow in Washington claim a heritage of 40,000 years! While cultures of the 500 Indian nations vary widely, their worldviews share some common features important now to the survival of life on Earth.

Native American healer Spencer Martin who led the Washington Reconciliation Process, said in a January 2013 Moon magazine interview: "A basic principle of the indigenous world view is that all things in the universe are connected.....That is the most fundamental difference between the Western and indigenous world view.

An understanding of our dependence on the web of life leads Native American cultures to a profound level of respect, thanksgiving, and an awarenes of their responsibility to all life on Earth. These concepts are discussed on the following pages. Click here for a discussion of the importance of the famous Lakota prayer: "Mitakuye Oyasin".

Jack Weatherford's book Indian Givers: How Native Americans Transformed the World shows how the peoples of the Americas transformed the world -- and the great debt the world owes Native America for foods, medicines, concepts of freedom, philosophy, etc.

The Reconciliation Process recognizes that the world still has much to learn from these ancient wise cultures -- and now our lives depend on learning those lessons quickly!

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