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Ancient European Temples

Silva asks on his site:


"How is it that ancient civilizations were able to maintain their cultures in perfect equilibrium for thousands of years yet ours become dysfunctional within a few decades?​


The answer is to look at the legacy of ancient temples, oracles and sacred sites our ancestors left behind. What can we learn from sacred sites? What they do for us and to us? Beyond the obvious physical temple, we enter a world of metaphor, subtle forces and shamanic states of awareness. That’s where the true nature of the true temple exists, the invisible temple.


For decades, I've walked countless sacred places around the world, taking in both their spatial and special qualities. After a while, it became apparent that sacred sites speak. A mythical, invisible spirit of place is aware of your presence and purpose. It scans your human energy field. Should your PIN match, you engage in an intimate conversation. And your relationship with the temple begins.

Eventually, you will realize there is a library of knowledge being shared. Its contents are boundless and timeless, the sum of all there is: Universal codes of energy, ancient systems of knowledge, measure and proportion, and how these are applied at any given moment in our life to enhance both your potential and the quality of life around you.

The elements that make the Universe tick — magnetism, water, Sacred Geometry, sacred measure, sound — converge at sacred sites. By carefully blending these principles together, it is possible
to open a portal of possibility to other levels of reality. It is even possible to apply the same principles at home.

Depending on what you are seeking,
the experience will alter your consciousness. Which is precisely the ultimate purpose of such places of power.
And that is precisely what our ancestors were up to when they created a grid of tens of thousands of temples all over the world. As you walk through this site, I hope you become more aware of the qualities that define sacred space, and that you use this information to benefit all living things on Earth. Including yourself."

The Divine Blueprint: Temples, Power Places, and the Global Plan to Shape the Human Soul is a book by Freddy Silva whose Invisible Temple site shows his other books and DVDs. Silva points out that when a temple is destroyed, a culture dies. The Egyptian temples ceased to function with the destruction of the Library of Alexandria and the fall of Egypt. The temples of the Europe's indigenous cultures were destroyed by the Catholic Church. Silva reminds us of the important roles temples play in maintaining both physical health and allowing people acess to transcendental, direct experiential knowledge not available in books.

The Temporary Temples site shows that Crop Circles are now serving many of the same purposes as temples. Silva is the author of Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles. says about the book:

"A fresh and insightful account of the role played by sacred sites in raising human consciousness. Can a temple transform an ordinary person into an extraordinary being? Ancient texts across the world describe how, following a catastrophic flood, groups of enlightened individuals were entrusted with rebuilding the "former mansions of the gods" -- a vast, interconnected network of temples and power places at "carefully chosen locations." They also explicitly state how these sites would act as magical protectors for the people, "unfailingly and regularly and eternally," and how each one embodies a spiritual technology designed and applied "for the welfare of all" -- the only antidote to society falling into barbarity.

In this ground-breaking book, researcher and best-selling author Freddy Silva examines the origins of sacred sites and what makes them so, from pre-diluvial 'cities of knowledge' to the resurgence of the temple via secret esoteric groups such as the Followers of Horus, even the architects of America's capital. He reveals new evidence that
temples mark geomagnetic hotspots capable of inducing shamanic states, validating the ancient belief that the sites are living organisms, first seen then felt.

He also shows how this global network was built as an insurance policy for future generations, for times when we needed to be reminded that we too are gods. With over 200 images,
this original work reveals power places to be living intermediaries between matter and spirit, a legacy from a culture whose ultimate purpose was nothing less than the total self-empowerment of the human race."

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