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Prophecy of Crazy Horse

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In American Indian Prophecies, Kurt Kaltreider reports the prophecy of the legendary Lakota warrior and mystic known as His Crazy Horse (or Crazy Horse). Many Native Amercan prophets foresaw the coming of the Europeans and the destruction of Native America. The vision of Crazy Horse is remarkable because he saw so clearly into the 20th and even the 21st century -- and gives us reason to hope today.

When Crazy Horse retreated to the mountains for a Vision Quest, he was given a view of the future that included cars on highways criss-crossing North America, airplanes, as well as WWI and WWII with the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan.

Kaltreider reports on the prophecy of Crazy Horse:

"The two worlds stood in sharp contrast: the world of spirit and the world of man-made struggle and sorrow. But some people on the Earthly plane began to see the light of the spirit world and stretched their hands, heart, and minds toward it. Most, though, chose to remain in the quagmire.

Those few who saw the light of the new dawn began to proclaim it to the others, but most turned a deaf ear and chose to remain in their dull and morose state. It was as if they feared the light. But for those ready for the light, beauty began to replace ugliness, and joy and wonder returned to the Earth....understanding was beginning to radiate from their beings. They were ready for the dawn of a new understanding."

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