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Conspiracy of Silence

Most Americans maintain a Conspiracy of Silence on the existence of the 500 Native American nations that have been on this continent for thousands of years. Most of the original peoples have been tucked away on reservations -- out of sight and out of mind. To remember their existence is to raise uncomfortable questions about who really owns the land and to invoke guilt about how the land was taken.

The U.S. Constitution and our system of government, our sense of democracy and freedom, are gifts the Founding Fathers of the U.S. received from the Haudenosaunee Confederacy -- the oldest democracy in the world which is still in upstate New York, a sovereign nation that travels on its own passport.

Before the Declaration of Independence, "American" referred to the Native peoples of this hemisphere. European colonists became "Americans" with the formation of the United States. Many American states, cities, and rivers carry Indian names -- and even oursports teams (against the wishes of Native Americans). Many of our foods were cultivated by Native Americans. Until the 20th century, American medicine was basically Indian medicine. Drug companies value the knowledge of the master herbalists of the Amazon rainforest which earns them billions of dollars annually.

So, the Indian presence informs much of America's identity. In maintaining a Conspiracy of Silence about this fact, America exists as a disconnected virtual reality which robs us of the opportunity to benefit from the wisdom and guidance of these ancient cultures and ensure the survival of life on Earth. Fortunately, a growing number of Americans and other Westerners are going each year now to drink ayahuasca with shamans in the Amazon and to study with Incan priests.

The video below shows how the example of the Haudenosaunee Confederation influenced the Founding Fathers of the U.S. to create our system of government and inspired the formation of the United Nations. The book Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World explains more.

For more information, see the Indian section of this site.

The Western educational system and corporate media maintain what could be called a "Conspiracy of Silence" on several vital topics essential to understanding our history, our world and universe, and who we are. This website seeks to introduce some of these topics so they become part of our common understanding.


These  "forbidden" or hidden topics include:

--- Native America: We are not told of the many Gifts to the World (past and present) of Native America and the urgent importance of other peoples adopting the Native American holistic worldview if life on Earth is to survive. Americans aren't taught that our government and Constitution come from the Haudenosaunee.

We are not told that Tenochtitlan awed the Spanish and with its population of 200-300,000, only Paris, Venice, and Constantinople were larger. We are not taught that the Inca Empire was as large as the Roman Empire and had a vast communication system (roads/runners/messages in "quipus") 2.5 faster than that of Rome!

We are not taught that the Inca were doing Brain Surgery with a 90% success rate in the 15th century while Europe still had a 100% fail rate in the 18th century! We are not taught about the architectural wonders of Machu Picchu, the genious of Terraced Farming, or of Terra Preta which cannot be duplicated today. See more information below.

--- Ancient High Civilizations: The importance of ancient civilizations like those of the Egyptians and East Indians. Westerners are taught to see Greeks as the fathers of medicine, history, math, architecture, sculpture, etc. However, the Greeks acknowledged that they learned everything they knew from the Egyptians! The wonders of Egypt are being revealed now by numerous "alternative Egyptologists". We describe our numeric system as "Arabic" but it was developed by East India. Imagine doing math with Roman numerals!

--- Megalithic Cultures: A number of researchers are revealing the existence of an ancient, highly-advanced global culture that built sites like Stonehenge, Avebury, the Egyptian pyramids, the Mayan pyramids, Serpent Mound and thousands of mounds across North America and around the world. Amazingly, there is clear evidence that there were giants upon the Earth -- just as the Bible reports!

--- European Indigenous Cultures: The past and present indigenous cultures of Europe -- like the Saami. Westerners are taught to look down on "tribal" and "pagan" cultures. We aren't told that the Catholic Church destroyed the temples of these cultures which provided both healing and access to transcendental knowledge which was lost to Westerners with the genocide of these cultures. After the destruction of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt and the European indigenous cultures, Europe fell into centuries of the Dark Age.

-- Shamanic Cultures: While the West  generally continues to ignore the value of shamanic cultures, drug companies know their value! The knowledge gained from master indigenous herbalists was worth $40 billion to pharmaceutical firms in 1990! However, they are abusing this gift through BiopiracyAyahausca Tourists are now flooding the Amazon to drink ayahuasca with shamans -- but are not as a group organized to help protect the shamanic cultures.

The research done by author Robert Tindall and his wife Dr. Susana Bustos with the Ashaninka shaman Juan Flores Salazar show the value of his healing approach being done at his Mayantuyaku center -- including even Spiritual Surgery! Ethnobotanist Jeremy Narby took several scientists to work with Juan Flores and they were astounded by the value of his approach to scientific research.

Santa Claus preserves our ancient memory of our shamanic roots -- while hiding them!

-- Transcendental/Experiential Knowledge: With the fall of Egypt and the destruction of the indigenous European shamanic cultures, the West lost access to transcendental, experiential knowledge which is accessed through the Right Brain and depends now almost exclusively on Left Brain knowledge. We are just beginning to discover how great a loss this has been and what a great threat it poses now to our survival.

-- Interdependence: With the loss of the indigenous shamanic cultures in Europe, the West lost the concept of the Circle of Life and our complete dependence on plants, animals, water, air, the forests, and every aspect of Nature. We came to see the Earth only in terms of "resources" to be exploited for "profit" and cannot see that we are destroying our life-support system. The Lakota Prayer "Mitakuye Oyasin" (All My Relations) is a reflection of the understanding that Native American cultures have of this interdependence and their responsibility for protecting all life.

-- Giving Thanks/Giving Back: With the loss of an understanding of our dependence on the Circle of Life and our responsibility for maintaining it, we have forgotten the need to give daily thanks and to give back. The Western cultures have focused on taking rather than on giving. The one-hour Mohawk "Thanksgiving Address" that is given before and after all important meetings is an example of the profound sense of responsibility for giving back that Native American cultures hae.

-- Sacred Geometry: The science of the structure of everything in the universe is not taught in Western schools or mentioned the corporate media. This is knowledge on which the Egyptian pyramids and Gothic Cathedrals  (neither of which can be duplicated today) were built. Fortunately, Sacred Geometry is being re-introduced now by Crop Circles and by webinars, books, etc.

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