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Sacred Geometry

Knowledge of Sacred Geometry is reflected in ancient sites around the world from Egypt to China, yet it is not taught in schools today or mentioned in the corporate media. This profound science is being quietly reintroduced through the awesome Crop Circles that appear each year from April to August.

The Flower of Life represents Sacred Geometry. Drunvalo Melchizedek provides a comprehensive insight into this ancient wisdom in his 2-volume set The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. ​This pattern generates the platonic solids on which all of physical realty is built. Drunvalo says the universe is built on two simple instructions. First Spirit expressed itself as sphere. To create all of reality, it just moved to the edge of the sphere (circle) and created another one!

Stephen Wolfram proposed this kind of simplicity underlying the complexicity of creation when he said in A New Kind of Science "perhaps a simple code is at the heart of all -- a basic, understandable set of principles".

Physicist/metaphysicist Nassim Haramein used Sacred Geometry to develop his Unified Field Theory -- the Holy Grail that has eluded physicists since Einstein postulated General Relativity. Nassim's DVDs are available on his site, The Resonance Project. In the video below, Nassim discusses his discoveries.

The video below by cartoonist Jordan Duchnycz provides a great introduction to Sacred Geometry.

Sacred Geometry appeals to both the Left Brain (science/math) and the Right Brain (art/beauty).

Click the graphic below to watch the trailer for the TransVision DVD and/or purchase the DVD.

Sacred Geometry Webinar

Evolver Learning Labs hosted a Sacred Geometry Webinar called Sacred Geometry Explained: How the Hidden Order of the Universe Can Enhance Your Life.

The site points out:

"The Golden Ratio, Pi, Phi, the Fibonacci Series, fractals, Squaring the Circle -- these are only some examples of how the underlying mathematics of existence bring order and beauty to our experience. Throughout history, Sacred Geometry has been expressed in music, architecture, meditation, painting.

Plato said that an understanding of Sacred Geometry is the necessary first step toward the study of metaphysics. It is central to Gothic Cathedrals, the Great Pyramid, and Stonehenge, and is expressed through a multitude of biological manifestations.


Once you become aware of them, the principles of Sacred Geometry can be seen and used in a vast number of ways. Today, it can be applied to the digital space through concepts of elegant design in programming, magical experience design in the event space, and web architecture designed to mirror natural ratios."

The 5-part live, interactive Webinar video course was hosted by David Metcalfe and covered the full range of this ancient art. Each session featured a discussion on a central aspect of Sacred Geometry with one or two leading experts, including:

Nassim Haramein

Charles Gilchrist

The Introduction to Sacred Geometry by Charles Gilchrist explains how to draw the forms.
In his 8-part series, Sacred Geometry 101, Gilchrist covers many aspects of the topic.

His Sacred Geometry: Map of Time explores further.

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