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Ayahuasca Tourists

Westerners from the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, etc. are flooding to the Amazon by the thousands each year now to drink "ayahuasca" with shamans and to the Andes to study with Incan priests! These encounters allow them to have transcendental experiences like those common to European indigenous shamanic cultures before the Inquistion.

However, most ayahuasca tourists do little to help preserve the Amazon, its indigenous people, or the Andean cultures which are under deadly assault from mining companies, oil companies, loggers, cattle ranchers, soy plantations, etc. 

So, while recovery of the lost shamanic worldview is helpful, Reconciliation must include a recognition of the value of these cultures and a willingness to work to defend them. Otherwise, the help that the West is receiving is a one-way street that involves just taking. Lost is the concept of giving back -- one of the key principles of Native American cultures throughout the hemisphere.

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