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Transformation Process

Transformation Day involves a healing process for everyone and life. The worldview that dominates the Earth now is the globalist model. However, even globalists recognize now that this model is unsustainable and is leading to the destruction of all life on Earth. The world needs a viable alternative model -- fast!

Reconciliation advocates the adoption of the indigenous worldview because of its ability to help create harmony among the peoples of the planet and with the Earth itself. Europe's indigenous peoples lived by this model. Reconciliation with Native America helps us recover our minds (use our Right Brain as well as Left Brain), hearts, and souls. It is a model we can all live by!

The concept of "Transformation" was chosen over "Reconciliation" as the primary theme of this website because Reconciliation carries hidden negative connotations and implies two adversarial parties looking at the past. However, since Maine has established a Truth and Reconciliation Commission and others are calling for reconciliation in positive sense, the term was retained for parts of this site.

Transformation implies a coming together in a new spirit of understanding the need to support life and healing for everyone and the Earth. This section shows several levels of the Transformation Process.

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