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Shamanic Healing Center

The website of shaman Juan Flores Salazar includes testimonials about his healing center Mayantuyacu, including the following account of going with Robert Tindall.

"Journeying to Mayantuyacu with Robert Tindall was a blessing for me that was greater than I can put into words. My experience in this heavenly sanctuary in the rainforest of Peru transformed me to the core. I returned home a new man, plain and simple. What's more, the experience was very different than I had imagined it before going. I had thought it would take me to places in myself that, perhaps, I wouldn't be able to handle. But, quite to the contrary, the moment I arrived in Lima, I began feeling a deep sense of relaxation, peace, and homecoming.

Arriving at Mayantuyacu, my heart began to open, immediately, and I felt a quality of love and care that permeated the whole landscape and each and every person who lived and worked there. Finally, the healing that I received left me feeling more integrated, conscious, and grounded in myself, in my purpose as a human being, and in my confidence and ability to engage my life and work with more passion, conviction, and heart-centered focus and practical awareness.

Said another way, Juan Flores and his apprentices offered me the most masterful and graceful healing that I have ever received in my life. And, Robert Tindall's support and facilitation of my process, with his sensitivity and awareness, demonstrates the depth of his understanding of the process of engaging this powerful medicine work. My 12-day stay at Mayantuyacu was nothing less than life-changing. I plan to return next summer, and the summer after that, and the summer after that. Mayantuyacu is now part of me and I am part of Mayantuyacu. Thank you for everything, Robert!"


Juan Flores Salazar

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