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In the DVD Amazonia Healing With Sacred Plants, Alberto Villoldo (psychologist and medical anthropologist) explains the 4 stages of Initiation involved in healing with a shaman. These are the same as the "Hero's Journey" defined by Joseph Campbell in his celebrated book The Hero with a Thousand Faces. His life's work is recounted in the DVD Joseph Campbell - The Hero's Journey which is available in Instant View.

The stages of Initiation involved in transformative healing are:

      1. Great Awakening -- recognition of the need for radical change
      2. Great Departure -- willingness to unlearn and begin again

      3. Challenges -- facing fears and turning obstacles into stepping stones
      4. Return -- integration of lessons which gives the ability to heal others

These​ stages are part of all great literature and shamanic healing -- but are completely missing from Western medicine now. To heal, the West must now begin to undergo Initiation. Native America can be a very helpful guide in this healing process.

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