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DVD: Origins

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The 2014 DVD "Origins" from shows that the pollution levels in the industrial world are making us sick and threatening life on Earth. The film says we must rethink our technology now to ensure the health of the planet for the next 7 generations -- the perspective of traditional Native American cultures. Origins explains that medicine today is based on outdated 19th- and 20th-century ideas. It shows that we must go to the root causes of our problems and that the gut is the foundation of our health.
Origins warns against the over-use of antibiotics and focuses on the importance of organic fruits and vegetables. The film explains that the era of chemicals in agriculture is now coming to a close. Origins asks each of us to take our power back by choosing to eat well. This is a part of the Shift of the Ages. The film is calling on all of us to wake up now. Origins shows that we can have both a healthy planet AND cutting-edge technology if we use our brains well! Feeding our brains well helps us think better! 


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