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Hemp: Powerful, Easy Solution 

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The good news is that we have found a plant that can save the world!
The bad news is it's illegal!

The article Hemp Can Save America and the World! shows that legalization of industrial and medical hemp (aka "marijuana") can save our economy, environment, and health -- and end the oil wars.

Canada is developing a hemp car called the Kestrel. Henry Ford's first cars were made from hemp, designed to run on hemp oil. Hemp cars are 3 times lighter (more fuel efficient) and 10 times stronger (safer) than those made from steel. Hemp cars are biodegradable, saving land fills. Hemp can replace petroleum.

The 6,000 products made from petroleum can be made from hemp. Hemp, a trillion-dollar crop would protect the Amazon from oil companies and the world from oil spills. Hemp makes better homes, paper, clothes, and food. It could clean up the radiation in Fukushima as it did in Chernobyl.

Please see Support Hemp Now! in the Action Section for more information on the many wonders of hemp -- including that it is a powerful, inexpensive panacea that could quickly solve our health crises!

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