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Greener Living For An Urban Family       [Click to watch]

Jules Dervaes and his family are living the farm life. It’s also a most unconventional lifestyle given that their home is in the middle of Pasadena, California. The family is as self-sustainable as they can be. Their car drives on biogas, solar panels power their television, and they have fresh food from their own meticulously well-maintained crops. Fresh vegetables, herbs, honey, and new eggs every day.

Jules began his farming life before moving to Pasadena when he lived for several years in New Zealand. He embarked on his current lifestyle after becoming concerned about how the food industry controlled what he and his family ate. Jules wanted to be more in control and minimize his family’s impact on the environment. Living this lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to be old fashioned. After a day working on his urban-farm lot, Jules and the rest of the family sit down to watch movies on Netflix or work on one of their many websites. The Devraes family websites center around the idea of living a greener life, and are some of the biggest websites/communities about urban farming. It’s a growing movement -- a green revolution!

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