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Sprouts: A Power Food

Seeds are life just waiting to be born. Sprouts are an "explosion of life". Sprouted seeds are a staple diet of several oriental civilizations and are well known for their powerful nutritive and healing properties.....

Sprouts bear the largest relative amount of nutrients per unit of intake of any food known to man. They have enough first-quality proteins to be classified as "complete". Many sprouted seeds such as those of alfalfa and sunflower contain all the essential amino acids in their "free" state, which means that more nutrients reach the cells with less food.

Sprouting increases the vitamin content of a seed dramatically. The vitamin C value of wheat increases 600% in the early sprouting period. Sprouts contain more vitamin C than oranges. In a discovery, the vitamin laetrile, known for its success in cancer therapy was found to increase over a 1,000% in the sprouted seed.


Enzymes, considered the key to longevity are greatly activated in the sprouting process. The absence of enzymes produces that "tired, run down feeling". Sprouts are the best "living food". In fact, they are so alive that they are still growing when you eat them. Seeds for sprouting can be planted at any time of the year, will grow in any climate and require neither soil nor sunshine. More importantly, sprouts are totally chemical-free, leave no waste, are delicious when raw and are super low in calories.

They are by far the best food for us. Try them!!

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