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Ayahuasca: Master Teacher and Healer          [Click graphic to watch film]

The DVD Amazon: Healng With Sacred Plants is available in Instant View on In this beautiful and amazing film, Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. shows the sacred relationship with "plant teachers" and plant medicines that has been lost in the West since the Inquisition. It allows the viewer to experience the power of the shamans and plants to heal individuals and cultures on the deepest physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

The ayahuasca plant, known as the Master Teacher, is also called The Vine of the Dead because it causes your old ways of thinking and being to die so that you can evolve into a higher consciousness. Westerners are flooding to the Amazon to drink ayahuasca with shamans and recover this profound knowledge that the West lost. Many people report dramatic physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing from one or more ayahuasca ceremonies.


Villoldo explains that the ayahuasca ceremonies facilitate the 4 Steps of Initiation that have been lost in the West:


  1. The Great Awakening allows us to realize that most of our life is a dream based on whatever we were taught

  2. The Great Departure requires us to leave everything familiar to overcome our ego and persona to be reborn

  3. The Tests and Challenges allow us to face and overcome our fears and anger to experience forgiveness and peace

  4. The Return Home allows us to share with humility the gifts we have received and help heal the world


Through the ayahuasca ceremony, we are able to access our Right Brain, the intuitive side our nature that Western science ignores. So, our minds are more balanced. We restore our connection to Mother Earth (Pachamama), the Sacred Feminine and are made whole again. The word "heal" and "whole" have the same root.

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