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Dr. Zach Bush: Importance of Regenerative Agriculture

Dr. Zach Bush warns that human survival now depends on the urgent restoration of our soils to provide nutritious foods. GMO foods are causing our healthcare budget to bankrupt us. He says converting to organic farming is not sufficient because most US organic farmers are forced to till the soil which is as destructive as GMO pesticides.

Dr. Bush is working with farmers throughout the Midwest to facilitate the shift to the Regenerative Agriculture introduced by Allan Savory. Their yields rise from $40 to $500-$900 per acre with improvements the first year. A million acres in the US have been regenerated. The goal is to convert five million more. Farmer’s Footprint helps support farmers in the transition process. Dr. Bush offers the free film Farmer’s Footprint: A Path To Soil Health and Food Independence.

“THE WAY OUT” WITH ZACH BUSH shows the interview by Del Bigtree, host of The Highwire with Dr. Bush on Earth Day.

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