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My Articles on Native America

My articles about Native America are published Natural Blaze

  1. The Strange Garden of Eden Story

  2. Water Is Life Festival: September 4

  3. Native America's Gifts To The World

  4. Why We Need To Connect With The Land

  5. The Story of the Buffalo Is America's Story

  6. Native Americans Are a “Keystone Species”

  7. Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples' Day?

  8. Why We Must Be Honest This Thanksgiving

  9. A Better Way To Celebrate Thanksgiving Now

  10. Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

  11. First Native American US Secretary of Interior

  12. 100 Year Anniversary of Santa Fe Indian Market

  13. Why Your Definition of "Land" Matters So Much!

  14. Can Native America Transform The World Again?

  15. Native American Day: Learning The Way of Earth

  16. Growing Calls To Repudiate “Doctrine of Discovery”

  17. How Reconciliation With Native America Can Save Us

  18. Our Survival Now Depends on Adopting A Better Story

  19. Mapping a New Geography of Hope With Native America

  20. Putting Native America Back On The Map To Re-Discover Ourselves

Native America on Map.png

A growing number of Americans realize that the Earth-centric philosophy of Native Americans is humanity's best hope now as we face the Sixth Mass Extinction. Fortunately, a number of wonderful Indian scientists, authors, lawyers, and other spokespeople can be seen online in videos now. These articles link to a number of those inspiring leaders.

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