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AeroGarden Reservoir: AeroVoir

The AeroGarden is less expensive on the AeroGarden site than on Amazon. Also, if you sign up for emails, AeroGarden offers a $50 discount on the Bounty Elite model and other coupons. In adition, AeroGarden often offers discounts on holidays. However, while the AeroGarden Reservoir (AeroVoir) costs about $40 on the two sites, comments on Amazon are extremely helpful. Some customer comments are copied below.

AeroGarden says that water needs to be added every 2 weeks, but that it's a go good idea to keep the water topped off. However, comments on Amazon report that you may need to water more than once a week when your plants grow large. AeroGarden says that the AeroVoir holds 1 gallon and provides an additional 2 weeks of water.

Note: The video further below and comments on Amazon indicate that since the AeroVoir works by gravity, it may require a stand when used with AeroGarden models that grow 6 or more plants. The 8" high stand shown below is recommended by Amazon reviewer Don Tony -- EXCEPT when growing strawberries! [See his revised comments with stand below.]


 Several Amazon reviewers report that after a week, algae will start to grow in the AeroVoir and discuss ways to handle that. One reviewer warns: "Can be very difficult to clean if you get mold inside of the AeroVoir or the tubing."

Don Tony revises his comments: "With regard to the Strawberry Grow Bowl, the stand is optional. After a month, I started using the stand for the Grow Bowl as well. The water does NOT overflow in the Grow Bowl when using the Pedestal Stand."

The video AeroVoir Setup & Review - moded for two Aerogardens! shows the use of an AeroVoir with two AeroGardens. However, reviewer Don Tony says the AeroVoir should be used with only one AeroGarden to avoid using up the water too quickly. With his Amazon review, Tony posted the following photos of his three AeroGardens -- each with its own AeroVoir.

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